Love is Right Under Their Noses...

They Chase. They Beat. They Keep... F/A, G/A, O/K
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Fred/Angelina, George/Alicia and Oliver/Katie


1.] You must be a fan of the above couples or you much respect the couples and people who write them.

2.] No bashing.

3.] You may post fan fiction, fan art, journal icons, AIM icons, etc. Anything relating toboth our three couples, as long as all fanfiction and pictures are under an LJ-cut. If you post more than three icons, put the rest under a cut. I will warn you if you don't follow this rule. After that, the post will be deleted within three days.

4.] If you wanna argue with other members: do it outside of the community. I don't want stupid internet tiffs in my community.

5.] The promotion of other communities are allowed, just as long as they have to do with anything Harry Potter.

6.] You MUST post at least once a month!